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La Sportiva Cobra Apple Green sports and indoor climbing shoe in the new color, sensitive and quick to wear, version 2018: even more aggressive in aesthetics thanks to the new La Sportiva cobra logo!
The La Sportiva Cobra is designed to guarantee comfort, grip and sensitivity. Easy and quick to wear, it is equipped with an elastic band and rubber tie that wrap around the foot without forcing. The sole is composed of a 3.5 mm Vibram® XS Grip2 compound, while the very thin 0.8 mm LaSpoFlex midsole is only present at the front.
The upper is in suede calfskin to ensure great softness and elasticity, moreover the color is given by the PermaTan tanning that avoids the release of the pigment on the foot; the construction of the shoe is tubular.
The upper part is without seams, so you can get precise hooks for great performance.

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