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Multi purpose shoe for quick approach routes, part of the Traverse X series: ideal for use on mixed mountain terrains even during the winter months thanks to the waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex lining. Every detail is studied to guarantee lightweight, grip, comfort and protection during the approach and to support the technical use at the base of the wall. TX3 GTX is a rugged “built to last” boot from the external, abrasion resistant mesh fabric for the internal support structure and the STB Control System™ construction system that provides structure and torsion stability. 
A clean and simple design, waterproof features and breathability are guaranteed by Gore-Tex, the boot guarantees high abrasion resistance thanks to the PU TechLite all-round rand the MegaGrip Vibram sole with climbing zone at the toe and rear Impact Brake System make the boot ideal for climbing and return routes on technical terrain. The lacing system is derived from the Mythos climbing model and allows adjustment of the tension and the fit volumes in just one move.
Traverse X is the ultimate expression of moving in the mountains comfortably, quickly and safely.

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