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Crank up your performance in cold weather with these warm and lightweight thermal leggings that combine the superb fit and comfort of seamless construction with fully optimised personal climate control. Engineered using an innovative 3D rotary knitting technique that creates a high-stretch garment with the absolute minimum of stitching, this product features an engineered higher waist in the back to ensure perfect fit during motion. Ideal for tough workouts in low temperatures, these baselayer pants feature body-mapped functional zones that deliver optimal moisture management and ventilation where it counts most, keeping your skin dry no matter how hard you're working. Seamless construction eliminates chafing from seams, maximising next-to-skin comfort. Meanwhile, our 'Effect by Odlo' silver-based antibacterial fabric treatment banishes body odour, helping you to stay smelling fresher for longer. If you've been looking for technical underwear that keeps you warm yet fits so snugly you'll forget you're wearing it... it's time to switch to Evolution Warm.

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